Easy Directory

by TwinCap First AG

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Dive into the future of contact management with Easy Directory.

Elevate your contact management with Easy Directory, the all-in-one solution that consolidates your Exchange Online, Microsoft Entra AD, and third-party contacts in one accessible platform. Effortlessly search, organize with tags, and customize views.

New: Presence Status - our newest feature is one that will enhance your Teams experience exponentially. With Presence Status, you and your team members receive real-time insights into the status of everyone you need to connect with, you got it, in real-time. Combining the power of Presence Status with Custom Views, you create an efficient way to manage all your contacts and streamline internal communication.

Leveraging Easy Directory, you can connect instantly via Microsoft Teams for calls, chats, video conferences, or draft emails. Initiate PSTN calls with ease (Teams PSTN configuration required) and enjoy offline access to your favorite contacts. Discover seamless connectivity and organization with Easy Directory.

Maximize your network reach with Easy Directory's seamless integration features:

  • Personal Outlook contacts from Exchange Online
  • Contacts from shared Exchange Online mailboxes
  • Microsoft Entra ID users
  • Any ERP/CRM data source

Connect effortlessly, manage efficiently, and boost your productivity with these rich features:

  • Configurable Unified Search to locate contacts across multiple sources.
  • Tag-Based Organization to tactically organize and group your contacts.
  • Custom Views Creation that aligns perfectly with your needs.
  • Powerful Presence Views to have real-time visibility of your colleague’s availability.
  • Drag & Drop Customization to organize your contacts intuitively.
  • One-Click Collaboration enables you to instantly engage with contacts through calls, video chats, emails, or address lookups.
  • Favorite Contacts pinned for swift access.
  • Offline Synchronization for easy mobile access and offline use.
  • Effortless Information Sharing of contact information.
  • Extension Attributes enables access to a rich set of extended attributes.
  • ERP/CRM Integration ensures that every contact you need will be at your fingertips.

Free 30-day trial available

Start your Easy Directory journey today with a free, no-commitment trial—just install the app without purchasing a license and begin revolutionizing the way you work. A convenient banner will keep you informed about the remaining time on your trial, ensuring you make the most of every feature.

More information about Easy Directory can be found on our website.

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