Flowchart Maker for Excel

by Uniform Software Limited

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You write down a list of steps in text in Excel, and Flowchart Maker creates a visual map for you.

What Is It

This flowchart maker integrates seamlessly with Excel. You can define your flowchart in plain text directly within an Excel table, where you can specify details for each step.

Here's a breakdown of the information you can enter:

  • Unique Identifier (ID): Assign a code to each process or task.
  • Description: This text will appear within the flowchart node.
  • Next Step ID: Indicate the subsequent task in the sequence.
  • Decision Label: Provide the sidenote of a connector.
  • Shape Type: Select from a library of 28 standard flowchart shapes (compatible across Microsoft 365) using a convenient picker tool.
Once you've prepared your task list, click the "Create/Update Flowchart" ribbon command. The built-in layout engine automatically generates a clean and well-organized chart with minimal connector crossings.
Fine-Tuning Made Easy
If the automatic layout isn't perfect, don't worry! The app provides a set of user-friendly tools for making adjustments. These include Select, Align, and Flip commands that can be applied to specific parts of the chart or the entire diagram.
Seamless Collaboration and Sharing
The Excel integration shines for teamwork. Since it leverages a native feature of Microsoft 365, this tool allows for smooth co-authoring of flowcharts, ensuring everyone on your team stays on the same page.
Effortless Integration Across Applications
Another benefit is the use of standard Microsoft 365 shapes. This means the flowchart you create can be shared and edited directly within other Microsoft 365 applications like Word and PowerPoint. No more needing to export static images, which is often the case with standalone flowcharting tools.

• The desktop edition of Excel/Office 2016 or later versions - i.e., the downloadable and locally installed Excel/Office. It doesn't work with the web edition of Microsoft 365 that runs inside web browsers.
• Windows 10 or later versions.
• X86 or X64 systems.

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