PDF Creator

by Uniform Software Limited

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Create accurate PDF charts and diagrams from Excel without scaling the content.

This app installs a feature in Excel that accurately exports large Excel charts to PDF format in custom paper sizes. Unlike Excel’s built-in “Export to PDF” command, this PDF creator bypasses the size limitation of the standard papers.

This app does not generate the PDF by itself. Instead, it uses the “Microsoft Print to PDF” virtual printer for the underlying PDF generation work. The limitation of this virtual printer is that it supports only standard paper sizes like Letter or A4. So, if you have a large chart, scaling is necessary, which causes distortion if you use lots of shapes that should be accurately positioned according to the cell addresses.

The app addresses this by defining a custom paper size according to the size of the content, and thus avoids scaling. This ensures the accuracy of the result PDF, especially if the chart is large and contains many Excel shapes. It's especially useful if the purpose of your PDF files is to share the digital version, instead of printing hard copies.


• The desktop edition of Excel/Office 2016 or later versions – i.e., the downloadable and locally installed Excel/Office. It doesn't work with the web edition of Excel/Microsoft 365 that runs inside web browsers.
• Windows 10 or later versions.
• X86 or X64 systems.

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