Formula and Name Manager for Excel

by Uniform Software Limited

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Collect, find, update, analyze, import, and export Excel formulas and defined names.

Run this app to add the command “Formula Manager” to Excel’s ribbon. Open the formula manager window to show all the formulas and names defined in a workbook.

  • Find: Easily find the formulas and names you care about. Filter the list with various criteria: type, scope, keywords, or extended properties like visibility, whether it uses a relative address, or whether it is referred to by others.
  • Update: You can add, edit, and delete items. You can also change the scope of a defined name without breaking the existing referring relationships.
  • Analyze: Understand the formulas and names with navigable referring relations, including “referring to” and “referring by”. Generate a printable reference map.
  • Export and Import: Export all the formulas to a worksheet. You can then learn, update, or optimize the formulas, and then import the list to update the workbook.


  • The desktop edition of Excel/Office 2016 or later versions, i.e., the downloadable and locally installed Excel/Office. It doesn't work with the web edition of Excel/Office that runs inside web browsers.
  • Windows 10 or later versions.
  • X86 or X64 systems.

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