Zoho Bookings

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Zoho's own appointment scheduler that auto-syncs with your Office365/ calendars

Zoho Bookings is an online appointment scheduler for service-based small businesses. It offers a booking system for one-on-one meetings, classes, and renting of assets.

Once you fill in your operational details, you'll receive customizable booking pages for every service, asset, and staff member.

Customers can choose their preferred meeting time (or duration, in case of rentals) from available slots. Zoho Bookings is also connected to Zoho Meeting and GoToWebinar, allowing staff members to conduct video discussions and classes.

  • Create online and offline meetings.
  • Every appointment created on Zoho Bookings is automatically added to your Office365/ calendar.
  • Existing events on Outlook are blocked off on your Zoho Bookings availability.
  • Additional features of Zoho Bookings:
  • Connect multiple Office365/, Google, and Zoho calendars. Events and unavailability across products are automatically synced so you never get double bookings.
  • Completely customize your booking pages, including logo, messages, background images, and colour palettes.
  • Share your booking page via a public link, embed on your website, or connect to a personal domain name.
  • Work flexibly—add your everyday hours, holidays, overtime, and vacations.
  • Configure and customize SMS and email reminders for staff and customers.
  • Meet global customers without confusion. Your booking slots and email notifications will be automatically converted to customers' time zones based on location.
  • Collect full, partial, or security payments. Bookings supports PayPal, Authorize.Net, Forte, RazorPay, and Worldpay.
  • Create unlimited reports based on number of bookings over a specific period, as well as revenue, and workload.
  • Customize cancellations and rescheduling policies. Enable prebooking and prevent last-minute bookings.
  • Access your calendars, customer details, and upcoming appointments through our iOS and Android apps.
  • Integrate with Zoho Flow and connect up to 300 third-party services.
  • Connect Zoho CRM to automatically push customer details as a Lead.
  • Conduct online meetings via Zoho Meeting and GoToMeeting. To conduct online meetings, staff members need an account in the corresponding software.
  • Zoho Bookings is available as an individual product or as a part of Zoho One.