Vendor or Customer Data Import from GUS Website

oleh Sii Sp. z o.o.

Automation of creating a new Vendor or Customer using GUS Website

GUS Data Import for Dynamics 365 for Operations is an application created by Sii Polska, which enables data download from the Central Statistical Office (GUS) database to automatically update information when adding customers and suppliers in the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations system. AUTOMATED VENDOR/CUSTOMER CREATION Thanks to the API communication between the Dynamics 365 for Operations and the GUS database, the application allows you to search for information of vendors and customers within ERP system. When creating a new supplier/vendor, a user can fill in one of three number fields: NIP, REGON, KRS. After selecting the "Search for a Counterparty" option - the system searches for data in the GUS database by the indicated identification number. The API response preview window displays all information received from the interface, such as:

• Company name
• Name of the voivoideship
• Name of the commune
• City
• ZIP code
• VAT (NIP) number
• First PKD code and its name
• Phone number
• E-mail adress
Now you just have to confirm the data transfer to the newly created customer/supplier record.

• Due to the use of data import from the GUS website, the process of creating new vendors and customers is several times faster.
• Guarantee that the information in the system is fully consistent with the data collected by the Central Statistical Office.
• Eliminate the "human error" that can occur during manual data entry.