Basware InvoiceReady: Procure-to-Pay for midmarket

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Achieve completely automated invoice processing in a cost-efficient way

AP-automation best practices for midmarket companies
Basware InvoiceReady solution runs in the cloud, it is quick to deploy, easy to maintain, and scalable as your business grows. You can achieve completely automated invoice processing in a cost-efficient way! Capture all your invoices electronically, route them to customizable workflows for approval, and review and automatically match them to purchase orders and contracts. With InvoiceReady you can go-live in as fast as 10 days! 

Cost efficient solution for midmarket companies
  • Process between 5,000-50,000+ invoices per year
  • Growing business needs
  • Easy integration to existing ERP or accounting system is use

InvoiceReady Solution

InvoiceReady bundles AP automation, procurement, contract automation, travel & expense management, and open archive into a single suite

  • 100% invoice capture - receive invoices in any format: paper, PDF, e-Invoice, EDI, supplier portal
  • Procurement – create catalog-based and free-text purchase orders (PO) 
  • Accounts payable automation – customize workflow for review and approval
  • Matching – automated header and row level PO matching, also to external order system

  • Contract-based automation – automate recurring invoices, budget, and self-billing

  • Travel & expense claims within same workflow system

  • Reporting – view process automation statistics

  • Open archive for any business document

Key benefits
  • Fully automated invoice processing eliminates errors, manual and time-consuming work

  • Faster invoice cycle times make early payments possible

  • Receive all invoices electronically – go paperless from day 1

  • Flexible options for suppliers not requiring them to change their methods of submitting invoices

  • Go-live in as fast as 10 days