Cerebra Plant Quality Diagnostics & Prognostics

oleh Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics

AI Digital Assistants to improve quality, cost and yield for process manufacturing

Cerebra Plant Quality Diagnostics & Prognostics supports digital assistants to aid operations, production optimization and quality assurance teams in their day-to-day decision making. 

Digital Assistants help in the following:
  1. Enable configuration of digital twin and associated diagnostics for manufacturing plants to detect deviations during manufacturing operations
  2. Provide insights into causal factors leading to production off-spec in manufacturing facilities, and thereby reducing quality defects, scrap and customer complaints  
  3. Provide automated root-cause-analysis for industrial engineers to identify critical operation deviations leading to undesirable outcomes
  4. Enable what-if analysis and simulation to arrive at the right calibration and operating range of process units to achieve maximum efficiency and throughput in manufacturing plant

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