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Cerebra Vision: Video Analytics Solutions for Industries | Automated Safety & Quality Inspections

Cerebra Vision Intelligence utilizes images and video streams to detect real-time anomaly occurrences in an Industrial setting. It uses AI and computer vision to create an eagle’s eye view for 24*7 monitoring and enables:

Automated Quality Inspection:

  • Conveyor Belt Inspection: Object Counting and Detect Detection
  • Packaging Inspection: Defect Detection and Label Inspection
  • Surface Defect Detection: Corrosion, pitting, crack detection, etc.
  • Welding defect detection using x-ray image processing

Automated Safety Inspection

  • HSE Compliance Monitoring: PPE Detection, Mask Detection, Social Distancing Monitoring, etc.
  • Zone Management: People Counting and Intrusion Detection
  • Abnormal Activity: Falling, Running, or Phone Usage
  • Perimeter Surveillance, Vehicle & Number Plate Detection

Real-Time Production Monitoring

  • Object counting
  • Bottleneck and production sequence monitoring
  • Time and motion study
  • Industry-specific event detection: Spillage, Leakage, etc

Cerebra VISION notifies concerned personnel for quick and efficient countermeasures. It further generates customized analytical reports across various plants, sites, and zones.


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