Virsae Service Management

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VSM will keep your Microsoft Teams environment at peak performance across your hybrid workplace

Virsae is a global provider of service management solutions for Contact Center and Unified Communications (UC) systems. Our XCaaS analytics platform ensures your UC environment operates flawlessly, wherever your people work.

As a cloud-native SaaS company with an extensive Microsoft pedigree, Virsae never stops innovating, resulting in a consistently evolving service, delivered with integrity and a ‘customer first’ mentality.

Virsae Service Management (VSM) is built and delivered on Azure, leveraging Microsoft's extensive portfolio like Teams, Graph API, Power BI, Power Platform, and Microsoft Viva.

VSM continuously processes billions of data points from thousands of UC platform deployments around the world to deliver previously unreachable visibility of user and customer experience while applying AI analytics and machine learning to enable progressively smarter management of Contact Center and UC platforms.

Global events have rapidly accelerated the evolution of UC and contact center operations well beyond the office into hybrid and remote working environments, creating entirely new challenges. VSM Everywhere unlocks increasingly critical quality-experience insights right across the customer interaction regardless of location – remote, office or hybrid. All while delivering continual end-to-end analytics and system performance assessment to identify root cause, prevent recurring problems, resolve bottlenecks, and optimize resources.

Enterprises around the world rely on VSM to maintain their communications systems at peak performance.