Markdown Price Optimization Solution

作成者: Churchill Systems Inc.

Manage the lifecycle of each item in a category by store by reducing/ maximizing markdown prices.

Churchill’s Markdown Price Optimization software solution combines the strength of two proven Churchill products: (1) Short Life Cycle Demand Forecaster™ (for sell-through forecasting) and (2) Price & Promotional Demand Forecaster™ (for price lift forecasting).

Recommended pricing action include:

  • When to take markdowns
  • The number of markdown levels (stages) that are best for the category
  • The specific price discount the best achieves the business objectives (revenue, clear inventory, etc.)

Churchill’s Markdown Price Optimization solution begins by monitoring and flagging seasonal SKU/Locs that are projected to miss/meet/exceed planned sell-through goals. Having identified troubled SKU/Locs, Churchill’s MPO next surveys potential price change options for financial benefit.  If MPO can identify a profitable alternative, MPO will recommend the pricing action for approval.

Churchill's Markdown Price Optimization Service can be operational in 90 days and is offered as a stand-alone service or as part of Churchill's suite of demand intelligence solutions.