Onesait Flexibility

作成者: Minsait

Onesait Flexibility accelerates the use cases implementation on operation and aggregation of DERs

The current and future growth of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs: onsite photovoltaic generation, electric vehicles, batteries, demand response, energy communities, etc…) is posing risks and opportunities to the entire electric value chain. While contributing to decarbonization and the reduction of energy for consumers, the energy transition also increases the complexity of grid management and cost-effective alternatives to grid investments are needed. Technology makes it possible to manage DERs and transform them into high added-value assets and provide energy services through aggregation.

We understand flexibility management as a new IT business function in the new distributed paradigm, filling the gap between the traditional domains of client energy management, grid planning and operation, and wholesale and balancing markets. In this sense, our mission is to provide a technology solution to manage wide Energy Services, by means of the orchestration of flexible DERs through an open, scalable and tested architecture, that allows the integration of all stakeholders that participate along the energy value chain, for the achievement of savings or new revenues.

Onesait Flexibility is a digital platform designed to accelerate the implementation of end use cases along DER operation and aggregation processes, adopting a 360 degrees vision on DER management, and fulfilling the needs of DSOs and aggregators as a DERMS and VPP solution respectively. The product is divided in modules that build up a comprehensive scope and can be partially combined to create solutions that suit specific needs. The catalogue of use cases spans from multi-asset and devices integration into a single platform, to storage local optimization, smart recharge, VPP optimization, smart planning of energy communities or the participation in local flexibility markets.