Onesait Smart Retail

作成者: Minsait

Retail Solution, Phygital CX Improvement Platform

Our platform Phygital Smart Retail integrates different solution that looks to optimaze in-store sales results and customer experience:

Digital Signage
Create extra impact by serving your customers engaging and responsive content:
• Trigger unique content based on visitor behavior; enhance interaction and participation in the point of sales. We help the retailer to impact their prospects with the right message at the right time.

Advanced Analytics Solution
Going to market with a smarter approach:
• Sales Analytics: Analyze what sells better and when
• Video Analytics: Use anonymous facial detection to learn about your customers and the effectiveness of your content
• Audience Analytics: Learn from your customers’ behavior

In-Store AI
Designed to maximize commercial effectiveness & cost efficiency:
• Improve customer engagement: Our solution suite analyzes an array of content to determine and automatically select what works best at any given location and time
• Enhance employee efficiency: Through machine learning, we are able to analyze what happened in the store in the past and offer insight to employees via video, SMS or email

Customer Surveys Feedback
Customer satisfaction surveys to collect the customer's opinion at the decisive moment:
• Measure customer product or service experiences by surveying customers enriched with survey participant demographics