MS Teams And LMS (Moodle) Implementation Service

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MS Teams And LMS (Moodle) Implementation Service delivers an unified digital learning experience

With an increasing number of education establishments moving towards an approach to education that combines offerings of online media & interaction along-side traditional classrooms. These approaches are a natural by-product of the digital domain creeping into physical spaces. As digital advent became the norm due to COVID-19, it was only a matter of time before learning became “Blended” of online & offline experiences. Success in (Virtual) Classroom hinges on seamless learning experiences. 

MS Teams & LMS (Moodle) Implementation on Azure Cloud provides a collaborative platform by transforming course creation & delivery with the goal to engage students by delivering unified learning experiences. 

The Solution Offers easy integration of academic activities like class conversations, course plans, content, assignments, grading & outcomes together into one place with MS Teams.

Some of the features delivered by our service are
1. Integration with Azure AD
2. Integration through Standard/Custom O365 LMS (Moodle) plugin
A. Sync of LMS (Moodle) Courses to Teams
B. Sync of LMS (Moodle) groups to Teams
C. Sync of LMS (Moodle) Course Topics as Teams channels
D. Sync of LMS (Moodle) grade book & reports to Teams
E. Sync of LMS (Moodle) Attendance pages to Teams
3. Integration of LMS (Moodle) activities to a personalized Teams dashboard
4. Automatic Teams Meeting Creation for class sessions
5. Automatic Attendance Capture & Integration to LMS (Moodle)
6. Teams Announcements & discussion sync to LMS (Moodle)
7. LMS (Moodle) Calendar sync to Teams Calendar
8. Configuration of LMS (Moodle) bot in Teams

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