resustain - ESG performance management solution

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resustain - A one-stop sustainability modular SaaS platform

ESG risks have always been a critical factor for organizations. In a post COVID world where new material issues have emerged, a greater focus is required to tackle them. Organizations need to be better prepared to deal with new ESG Risks, supply chain emissions norms, and social and governance factors around employees/communities, diversity, equality, etc.

Key challenges that large global enterprises face in their sustainability journey revolve around setting right and measurable targets, integrating sustainability in operations and core business processes, adherence to compliance or regulations, adoption of frameworks for a data-driven sustainability approach aligned to standard KPI's, and, reporting and amplified branding.

More and more investors are now searching for ESG focused organizations that offer reduced risk and better returns, along with new growth opportunities. Large-scale global organizations will also make carbon reduction an explicit aspect of their procurement processes for their supply chain. They will develop and deploy digital technology to help their suppliers and customers reduce their carbon footprints.

Our Platform/ Product

We at Treeni, combine a focus on data management with big data analytics through our platforms. We aim to provide new forms of competitive advantage to our clients, enabling them to have the maximum global impact by influencing a shift toward ESG risks and consistently driving sustainable performance.

resustainTM, a one-stop sustainability platform, is a modular SaaS platform built on advanced open technologies, with a powerful data transformation engine that automates and manages sustainability data for ESG risk and performance management, reporting and disclosures, sustainable supply chain, CSR, and EHS.

Treeni empowers you in redefining the sustainability strategies by re-assessing materiality issues, imbibing ESG policies, building a resilient supply chain, setting goals and targets, tracking carbon neutrality goals, etc.

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