Human 360

pateikė Reliance Infosystems

Human360 is designed to manage all employee processes it enables seamless engagement in business

Human 360 is a web-based Human Resources Software solution that has been designed to manage all employee processes starting from employee interview to the exit level.
It is a lightweight App that smartly self-serves employees
It also provides personalized and sensitive information like pay slip, query logs and appraisal details.
  • Quickly view all pending and active approvals to track where the bottleneck activity lies​

  • ​Summarizes engagement activities so employee can know their consumption and balance for entitlements like leave
  • View all active employees across different status classification to understand staff strength​

  • A summarized view of loan activities in the system​

  • View leave applications across departments to know available man-hour for task delivery and determine leave approvals​​

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