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View everyone in your organization, filter by department and search by name

As your organization grows in size and scales across different regions, it becomes hard to keep track of all employees. The distance and connection between your employees grows wider. The Employee Lookup application brings all employees within your organization together by making them aware of each other.

It makes it possible for your employees to see all members at a glance, it allows them to see all departments within the organization, they get to know when departments increase, and gives them the ability to check out all the employees in a particular department.

They can also search by employee name, see results of all profiles that match their search and click to view more details about a particular employee.

How the application is laid out:

* When you open up the app, you would see a dropdown, a search box and a list of all employees within your organization on the left section. And on the right section, details about yourself.

* With the dropdown, you can filter down the employee listing based on departments available within your organization.

* A search can also be made by entering an alphabet(s) or a name to search for employees by name. Corresponding results of employees with the name or whose name contains the sequence of alphabets comes up.

* When you click on an employee's profile card, the detail of the employee gets displayed on the right section of the screen.

* Select see more to view more details and report structure.

* Manage Information tab enables the admins to manage users information and also trigger a notification to users with incomplete profile to update their profile.

* Manage Admin tab allow super admin (The user that installs the app) to create and manage admins.

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