MediVR - Medical Training & Education - Ophthalmology (Mixed Reality, HoloLens)

pateikė MEDIVR PTE. LTD.

Perform ocular & pupillary examinations; expose students to various symptoms and clinical procedures

Mixed Reality for Medical Education
Ideal for Medical Institutions, Students, Hospitals and all Doctors

Existing simulated patients training is lacking in:
  • Demonstrating signs that is not easily/impossible to replicate by patient actor
  • Pupillary reflexes associated with specific ophthalmological pathologies

  • Effectively teaches medical students and residents how to perform two ocular examinations: Pupillary Examination and Ocular Motility Test.
  • To expose students to a range of critical and life-threatening conditions and signs that they may not encounter in their short Ophthalmology posting
  • Use it as an out-of-class teaching tool
  • Easily standardise and measure learning outcome

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