MediVR - Medical Training & Education - Paediatric Emergency (Mixed Reality, HoloLens)

pateikė MEDIVR PTE. LTD.

Expose and manage varying degrees of Paediatric respiratory distress syndromes.

Mixed Reality for Medical Education Ideal for Medical Institutions, Students, Hospitals and all Doctors

Virtual Paediatric Patients for Respiratory Distress Training


Trainee doctors receive little clinical exposure to acutely ill paediatric patients. Current training methods include high-fidelity mannequin-based simulations, however they are resource intensive and lack fidelity.

Mixed Reality Simulation will provide these doctors the opportunity to learn how to recognize and manage paediatric respiratory distress in an effective and efficient way.

Powered by MediVR's Real-time Symptom Controller

Supported Symptoms & Vital Signs

- Cyanosis

- Intercostal Recessions

- Tracheal Tug

- Grunting

- Apnea

- Nasal Flare

Management Plan

- Intervene using Instruments, non-intervention (e.g. Bag Valve Mask…)

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