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BCB Medical is a digital software and medical data company

BCB Medical – bringing data to life


BCB Medical is a digital software and medical data company, gathering the real world data of both medical effectiveness and treatment quality through an integrated proprietary health platform.


Healthcare organizations are under pressure to deliver higher quality care, better outcomes, to more people, safely and at lower cost. In addition to this, they are being measured on the care delivery experience, and engaging patients on an individual, consumer level.


BCB Disease Specific Platform for recording over 100 types of diseases and related treatments including standardized interoperability with other EHR systems and world-class online tools for patient communication, feedback and engagement.

BCB Data & Analytics engine produces regulator-worthy, clinical research-grade data, which is being extracted by the BCB clients practice network in almost real time. Data & analytics engine pulls out relevant insights from structured data, utilizing real-world evidence and analytics solutions to fast track clinical decisions and trials.

For healthcare professionals

      • Disease Specific Monitoring solution: Unique disease specific clinical data from 100+ different diseases generated by the healthcare professionals in their everyday work in patient care (CROM). Easy to use, structured and process driven approach with different HCP roles. 
      • Includes real time structured data from EHR, Laboratory, Pathology, Radiation, Operating, Medication systems

For patient communication & engagement

      • MyHealth solution: Automatically gathered patient reported outcomes (PROM), combined uniquely with data collected from other electronic health record systems and from healthcare professionals

For researchers and hospital management, Data Science as a Service

      • BCB RWD reports, dashboard for personalized reports for clinicians
      • BCB Benchmarking, Disease specific benchmarking for national and international comparison
      • BCB Analyzer for researchers, clinicians, hospital management and life science
      • BCB ContentBroker, Sharing clinical data automatically to customers datalakes

This application is available in English, Swedish, Finnish.  

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