Healthcare Access for State Government

av Optum

Streamline eligibility determination and enrollment for your health and human services (HHS) program

Make access to care easier with automated, user-friendly solutions. We help state HHS agencies improve efforts to establish and operate state-based exchanges, determine eligibility and enroll people in programs.

  • Optum Integrated Eligibility Services is a pre-built, modular platform that provides an integrated solution for all Health and Human Services (HHS) programs to create a simplified eligibility experience for clients.
  • Optum State Insurance Exchanges: Simplify access to care with a state-based exchange that meets all your marketplace needs. Individuals and businesses can shop and compare health plans and apply for subsidies for qualified health plans with our exchange in a box.
  • Optum Maintenance and Operations Services: Modernize your HHS enterprise with a full suite of services focused on managing existing operations while continuously incorporating the voice of the customer and industry trends. We offer a more efficient and timely path to modernization without disrupting the day-to-day operations of agency staff that rely on the system.

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