Optum Provider Management Services for State Government

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Improve your Medicaid provider partnerships by streamlining the enrollment and credentialing process

We understand providers are the backbone of state Medicaid programs. At Optum, we know providers; as an organization, we serve approximately 9 out of 10 U.S. hospitals. We're here to help improve your provider partnerships by simplifying the provider experience through a human-centered design approach.

Optum Provider Management Services is a self-service gateway and support system designed to streamline and improve the Medicaid providers' experience while making it easier for state staff to manage, monitor, and complete provider administrative activities. With Provider Management Services, states can:

    • Streamline the enrollment process with 6 easy steps to our flow. An average application can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.
    • Eliminate manual processes with a variety of automation options such as automated revalidations.
    • Accelerate response and processing time with dynamic and intuitive screen workflows.
    • Eliminate redundancies and improve user experience with easy-to-use self-service functionality based on our human-centric approach.
    • Connect application workflows with other technologies (claims systems, prior authorization, MCOs) for efficient and secure data exchange.​
    • Manage all provider types, including atypical providers, with over 100 configurations available.

We are committed to delivering a provider management solution for our clients that not only works for today, but that also advances into the future. We continuously invest in our solution and make ongoing improvements that keep pace with the changing environment of provider enrollment and management.

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