AXtension® Planning & Control for AEC

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Healthy cashflow. Prevent margin erosion. Optimize supply chain.

AXtension® Planning & Control for Architecture, Engineering & Construction. 

Are you missing planning & controlling capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and considering or using external planning tools? 

With AXtension® Planning & Control, you can be in control of your planning and budget for both project and production. Prevent margin erosion, control a healthy project cashflow and manage your project based on real time data collected from Procurement, Timesheets, Expenses, Production, Forecasts and much more.

Project Controller

AXtension® Planning & Control helps me to manage my entire project portfolio to protect margins and set out pro-active corrective actions based on management by exception insights

Project Manager

AXtension® Planning & Control helps me to manage my projects by taking all constraints in consideration, resource availability, budget status & supply chain dependencies.

Engineering Team Lead

AXtension® Planning & Control helps me to manage my resources in the most effective way possible. I can see the pipeline impact on my resources, manage absences, control subcontractors and make sure the engineering work is delivered according to expectations.

Sales Estimator

AXtension® Planning & Control helps me to estimate projects while considering feasibility. Schedule backwards from delivery dates and validate resource availability on group level. I cannot only estimate project costs, but also production estimates are included in my estimation.

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