Axtension® Shipping Control

door AXtension

Prepare and track shipments with flexibility and precision

Prepare and track shipments with flexibility and precision—all from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment

Managing shipments manually is a recipe for stress and error: switching back and forth between Microsoft Dynamics 365, spreadsheets, and individual carrier portals; phone calls; drawing up required documents every time goods leave the facility; and then backtracking through each step if an adjustment is made anywhere in the process. Add to that the inability of Dynamics 365 to handle any shipment that deviates from standard inventory, and the stress compounds.

Orchestrate shipments inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Axtension® Shipping Control, the only end-to-end solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, brings much needed sanity to shipping operations. Manage all domestic and international shipments from one place – even those that deviate from standard inventory.

As with all Axtension business solutions, we continuously build our one-step-ahead knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365, market needs and best practices into each update of Shipping Control for a solution that delivers increasing value over time.

Automatically consolidate and optimize shipments to reduce costs and lessen environmental impact.

Axtension®Shipping Control makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 work for you, proactively identifying any opportunity for shipment consolidation.

Prevent disruptions with real-time shipping carrier integration.

No need to create and manage independent integrations to your shipping carriers. Axtension® Shipping Control manages any and all carrier integrations from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.

Automate shipment bookings—and gain visibility and control—even for non-standardized shipments.

Hazardous goods, assembly and/or disassembly required, multi-vendor shipments– Axtension® Shipping Control makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 flexible to handle even your most complex, non-inventory shipments.

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