iGlobe Outlook Add-in for iGlobe CRM Office 365


Manage your customer in iGlobe CRM directly from Outlook on any device

iGlobe CRM Outlook Add-in is a free Outlook add-in for iGlobe CRM Office 365. The Add-in can only be used with a valid iGlobe CRM Office 365 license. NOTICE, this Add-in from the Store only support Outlook for Windows, MAC clients and Web mail. 

iGlobe Outlook Add-in provide you with three Add-ins

  • Outlook CRM
  • iGlobe Contact
  • Meeting Helper

iGlobe Outlook Add-in provide you with the following key features; 1. Mails you receive and 2. Mails you send.

  • For mails you Receive, iGlobe Outlook Add-in will let you, directly from Outlook;

    • Save the email in iGlobe CRM
    • Create a company and a contact in iGlobe CRM
    • Edit and update a contact and company in iGlobe CRM
    • Create a note and opportunity
    • Get an overview or the resent activities, like, e-mails, notes, meeting reports and opportunities
    • Save an email on a selected contact
    • Save the email and relate to an opportunity (SSO)

With a seamlessly integration to Office 365 Planner you will be able to create a Planner task directly from the Add-in. Assign the task to yourself or a colleague. When you create a task a link to the contact you have selected on the mail will automatically be added to the task.

  • For mails you send, iGlobe outlook add-in will let you;

    • Check if the receiver exists in iGlobe CRM
    • Add recipients to your mail, both into the To or Cc Fields
    • Select if you want the mail to be saved on receivers from both the To or Cc Fields
    • Save an email on a selected contact
    • Save the email and relate to a pipeline (SSO)

The dream of one platform for your CRM where one click will do the trick is now a reality!

iGlobe CRM Outlook Add-in is a part of several Add-ins that are included with a valid iGlobe CRM Office 365 license

Support and user guides

This Add-in is optimized to iGlobe CRM version and above.

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