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Visitor Log App helps companies to efficiently manage and process visitors.

MVLAPP is an enterprise visitor management system with direct alerts to hosts, as well as analytics and auditing functionality. MVLAPP facilitates screening of guests via host approvals and front desk personnel coordination in accordance with the security processes of the organization

  • Make a better first impression

    Your visitors’ lobby sets the tone for every visitor’s experience. Upgrading from the predictable paper and pen to digital -with sleek Tablet sign-in modernizes your front desk.

  • Meet complex compliance needs

    Most major regulations like ITAR, FSMA, PCI, ISO requires that you collect detailed information on everyone that enters your building. VLAPP is the foolproof way to capture and securely store the required information.

  • Protect everyone's data and privacy

    Unlike the traditional visitor log book, visitors’ data are not accessible to other visitors. And even within your organization, only privileged users can have access to such data.

  • Touchless Sign-in for visitors

    QR-code touchless sign-in for visitors to minimize contact in today’s era of viral infections like COVID-19.

  • Analytics

    Backed by a capable Business Intelligence and Analytics software, authorized personnel can glean insights and spot trends seamlessly.

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