por MultiThread ICT Solutions

Digital queue management system that leverages on your Microsoft cloud investment

Multithread Queue Management is an automated system that enables your organization to effectively manage queues at your service points. It streamlines the service process, creates an actionable database, and helps the organization to meet its service delivery goals.

Make a better impression

Enhance your customers’ experiences by upgrading from the traditional push-and-shift-in-seats method to an app that grants them the opportunity to sit anywhere and still be rest assured that they will be duly attended to.

Reduced Wait Time

The automated system promotes order and thereby reduces customer wait time significantly. Managers can also do a better job of monitoring queues and agent’s response time and reallocate resources when required.

Reduced cost

Reduce cost drastically by leveraging on your organization’s Microsoft cloud investment and eliminating specialized ticket vending machines of the legacy QMS.

Spot trends with detailed analytics

From the data collected, your organization can perform real time analysis to derive useful insights and spot trends to make informed, operational decisions.

Real-time Performance Monitoring

With this system you can easily monitor the performance of your agents, across branches against defined KPIs.

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