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Build networks and explore relations within them with the first true graph visual for Power BI.

The first and only visual within Power BI that allows you to visualize graph data! Map and explore relations among data points, identify outliers and discover patterns. On top of it you will enjoy ZoomCharts unrivaled data visualization experience with advanced customization capabilities, cross-chart filtering and smooth drilldowns.

This visual offers in-app purchases and comes with 30 days free access to the paid features.


  • Automated graph structure – add data and visual will be constructed automatically
  • Force feedback layout – examine data points effortlessly with the layout preventing node overlap
  • Node selection – “left click” for single data point, “ctrl+click” and “rectangular selection” for grouping
  • Bi-directional links – visualize relations using “from” and “to” to demonstrate the flow of data
  • Multiple links – separate incoming and outgoing values for each of the data points
  • Rich customization options – customize nodes labels, links, link decorations, add images
  • Cross-chart filtering –select data points on multiple charts instead of using slicers
  • Multi-touch device friendly – get equal experience on any device


  • Banking & Finance - transactional data, anti-money laundering (AML) analysis
  • Information Technologies –asset management, IT infrastructure, internet of things (IoT) monitoring
  • Cybersecurity & Risk Management – business process analysis, attack vector identification and prevention
  • Logistics & Transportation – fleet management, stock management, parcel tracking
  • Sales & Marketing – community detection, commercial account management, web analytics, purchase pattern identification


ZoomCharts Drill Down Visuals are known for their interactive drilldowns, smooth animations and rich customization options. Use them to create reports that business users absolutely love – visually appealing, with intuitive, quick and easy data exploration experience on every device.

ZoomCharts Drill Down PRO Visuals are mobile friendly and support: interactions, selections, custom and native tooltips, filtering, fetching more data, bookmarks, and context menu.

ZoomCharts visuals are covered and protected by U.S. Patent 11,645,343.


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