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Explore location data with powerful on-chart filtering capabilities.

Visualize location data on maps that are easy and intuitive to explore on any device. Explore data by country, city, or use the lasso tool to create storable filters for custom regions. Add pie charts on top of the map to visualize clusters of data. Pick the tile server of your choice and use rich formatting options to style data.

This visual offers in-app purchases and comes with 30 days free access to the paid features.


  • Various map layers – use Microsoft Azure map or a custom tile server of your choice (OpenStreetMap, etc.) as the base layer
  • Filtering by shapes – use built-in shape layers (e.g. countries, states) or custom shapes (the lasso tool) to filter data in the respective regions
  • Storable custom shapes – as a report creator, create and save custom filters and pass them to the end-users
  • Clustering – group data in clusters based on their location and proximity
  • Multi-page tooltips for clustered nodes – browse information for all related nodes within one tooltip
  • Clusters as pie charts – turn clusters into pie charts to visualize the content of the cluster; slices will act as category filters
  • Image support – replace classic node shapes with images
  • Auras – group nodes into additional color-coded categories
  • Customizable node categories – assign a different color for each category
  • Relative node sizing – node sizes will adjust according to their values
  • Rich customization options – node color, size, shape, outline, inside & outside labels and auras
  • Full measure, drill-through and report page tooltip support
  • Multi-touch device friendly – get equal experience on any device


  • Production – monitoring production and equipment data by site location (e.g drilling or mining sites)
  • Sales & Marketing – mapping sales results by region, country or store location and product category
  • Public sector – visualizing environmental, sociodemographic and health data


ZoomCharts Drill Down Visuals are known for their interactive drilldowns, smooth animations and rich customization options. Use them to create reports that business users absolutely love – visually appealing, with intuitive, quick and easy data exploration experience on every device.

ZoomCharts Drill Down PRO Visuals are mobile friendly and support: interactions, selections, custom and native tooltips, filtering, fetching more data, bookmarks, and context menu.

ZoomCharts visuals are covered and protected by U.S. Patent 11,645,343.


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