Cloud Cost Optimization Service by Click2Cloud


Manage your cloud finances effectively with Click2Cloud’s Cloud Cost Optimization Service!

Businesses are increasingly moving to the cloud, making cloud cost management an important aspect of IT operations.

Click2Cloud’s Cloud Cost Optimization Solution identifies cost-saving opportunities and guarantees savings on your cloud spending while matching the performance demands of your most volatile IT workloads.

It brings technology, finance, and business together to drive financial accountability and accelerate business value realization through cloud transformation.

Click2Cloud’s Cloud Cost Optimization Service helps you understand, forecast your note, manage, and optimize your Azure costs.

Its best practices and processes enable you to measure the efficiency of your financial operations by reducing infrastructure costs, migration, and support costs. Also enhances operational resiliency, improves service quality and security risk posture, and accelerates product and service delivery fluidity to improve time to market.

Why Click2Cloud’s Cloud Cost Optimization Service?

· Predictability - Businesses can forecast cloud needs.

· Cost Analysis- Displays overall cloud spend in a graphical manner.

· Cost Calculator- Give a budget estimate of your business's needs.

· Right Sizing- An effective right-sizing to maximize efficiency by matching cloud workloads to the underlying infrastructure.

· Optimize Cloud Efficiency- Enhances decision-making with a cost-effective cloud investment.

· Saves Time- Predictive analysis helps in saving overall time.

· Cost Comparison – Provides a comparison of actual vs. estimated cloud costs.

· Alert Management – Gives warning notifications of overspending.

· Resource Monitoring – Provides a customized dashboard to view resource usage.

Benefits of Click2Cloud’s Cloud Cost Optimization Service:

· No excessive spending

· Real-time visibility of costs

· Cost-conscious culture

· The accuracy of forecasts

· Value maximization

· Real-time intelligence

· Resource monitoring

· Actual vs. estimated costs comparison

What can you expect from Click2Cloud?

· Assessment of the current environment to identify infrastructure optimization opportunities.

· Assessment of operational and integration risks.

· Cloud Cost Management model, processes, and policies.

· Processes and tools geared towards cost efficiency.

· Reports and dashboards for full spending visibility.

· Calculation of macro-ROI and IT financials

Partner with Click2Cloud to manage your cloud spending at a faster pace.

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