Columbus Assortment


Solution for automating work and controlling inventory management when forming an assortment.

Columbus Assortment is a solution for automating work with the assortment which helps to manage items and stocks from purchases to sales for Retail.
Columbus Assortment automates the key processes of trading companies, for instance store categorization for the assortment management goals, products and items categorization, mass creation of assortment by categories, input / output process for items from the assortment, control of logistics operations based on the assortment lifecycle stages, analysis of sales by items categories, formats, brands, product groups, specific items, etc. The product allows you to set up a transparent process for controlling inventory management when forming an assortment.
This solution supports change processes during the company’s lifecycle and assortment management for holdings containing several companies. The solution supports the implementation of the company's strategy for selecting, entering/withdrawing the assortment, categorizing products and stores, and includes the ability to manage the assortment in holdings with several companies.

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