Columbus Pricing


Solution for automating the pricing management process for immediate respond to pricing changes.

Columbus Pricing is a solution that allows you rapidly automate your pricing processes. 

The solution allows automating the procedures of storing and analyzing the competitor’s prices, to segment pricing rules depending on the competitor’s presence in item groups by stores. Columbus Pricing contains all the tools required for the effective process of regular price management. This solution provides a flexible tool for markups and discounts management, and for price calculation using “smart rounding”.

The product can significantly reduce stuff time needed for retail prices calculation and control of price changes by means of customizing the ranges of price control.


  • Possibility of unscheduled price calculation
  • Distribution of price agreements among legal entities
  • Flexible tool for import data from Excel
  • Price and markup matrix visualization 
  • Approval tools for stores` prices allowing to regulate price export to POS-systems
  • Preconfigured role for pricing managers 
  • Tools for the lowest price monitoring

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