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In-App / Push Notifications / Alerts in bulk, on-schedule OR trigger for Dynamics 365 CRM

Works With: Dynamics 365 CE Online, Power Apps (Model-Driven)
Notification Types: In-App (Bell), Push, Email, Form

Common Use-Cases:
  • Auto-Sending Notification when User/s are mentioned in Timeline
  • Creating Company Announcements e.g. displaying upcoming maintenance notification
  • Alert Sales or Support User with In-App Notification on lead / case assignment
  • Creating Recurring Notifications / Alerts (e.g. Reminder to submit Time-Sheet every Friday)
  • Notify/alert Sales Users of Open Opportunities Nearing Estimated Close Date (Recurring Notification)
  • Alert / notify users about important information when a particular record (or its related record) is being accessed (Form Notification) (e.g. displaying "Account is on Credit-Hold" message when Account form or corresponding child Opportunity/Case form is being accessed)
  • Notify/alert Sales Users of ongoing discount promotions when accessing open opportunities matching specific filter conditions (Form Notification)

  • Generate Bell, Push , Email Notifications in bulk (for multiple Users/Teams)
  • Generate Form Notifications (displayed inline in form or as pop-up)
  • Generate Notifications using Power Automate/ Workflow
  • Generate Notifications based on onDemand, triggers or based on recurring pattern
  • No need to worry about creating complicated JSON data for generating Notification
  • Token Generator Helper provided for using merge fields within the Notification Text
  • Allow Users to set personal preferences for which notifications to be shown
  • Detailed event logging for easy trouble-shooting of any issue
Recent Updates
  • Now generate even Push Notifications (link)
  • Support for sending In-App Notification when User/s are mentioned in a Post (link)

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