Zap Time Entry - Case Time Tracking + Timesheet

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Track and log time spent across Cases or Projects!

Zap Time Entry App includes below modules:
– Case Time Tracking (This module was released in Jan 22)
– Timesheet Management (This module will be released in Jun 22)

A very common requirement with Customer Support teams is the ability to track time spent against Cases.
This can help in understanding:

  • Which type of Cases are consuming the most time
  • Do we need to hire or scale down?
  • How much to bill customer for support?

Now we can easily track time spent by your Support agents on Cases using Zap Time Entry App!


Case Time Tracking:

  • Easy to add/edit Time-entry Or start Timer from within Case Form

  • Easily add/remove fields from Time Entry form using out-of-box form editor

  • View Total Time, Billable Time and Non-Billable Time within Case Form/View

  • Global Time-Entry Panel to view OR Start/Stop Timers from anywhere

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Staff (by viewing whose all timers are running at-present)

  • Generate report of time spent on Cases by Agents / time spent on Cases for each Customer within selected time period

  • Works with Dynamics 365 Mobile as well as Tablet App

Timesheet Management:

  • To be released in Jun 22.

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