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Fast and reliable phone number validation API

Instantly validate phone numbers at the point of entry with this simple-to-integrate API.

Phone Validation

  • Carries out live network checks to validate if a phone number is currently active and contactable
  • Is available for mobile numbers globally (except North America) and landlines for the UK
  • Recognises telephone numbers in virtually every format

Integrating our solution ensures that you will capture valid telephone numbers only, saving you time and money that would be wasted storing and contacting invalid records. This improves your productivity and enhances your customer satisfaction through continued support and service.

  • Market-leading response times: Results are returned instantaneously, highlighting any invalid data with clear visual icons so that you can clarify and correct errors immediately, ensuring your data is 100% accurate at the point of collection.

  • Easy installation and configuration: No coding is required, and a range of ready-built integrations for popular platforms are included, along with support from our team.
  • Flexible, competitive pricing: This is available on a competitive per-lookup basis

To experience all the benefits for yourself, we provide a free 14-day trial, with full support and no obligation.

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