DataNimbus FinHub Collect

Автор: DataNimbus Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Intelligent collections automation: bill, repayments, premiums and more

DataNimbus FinHub Collect is a versatile orchestration software that makes the automation of collections easy.

DataNimbus FinHub Collect revolutionizes the way businesses reconcile their bill payments, loan repayments, insurance premiums, mutual funds and more. By leveraging the power of integration and AI/ML, the product streamlines the entire collections process, eliminating manual tasks and reducing human error. With its intuitive interface and robust features, businesses can effortlessly track, reconcile, and process collections, saving time, resources, and costs. Experience a new level of efficiency and accuracy with DataNimbus FinHub Collect, empowering your organization to focus efforts on growth and customer satisfaction.


- End to end collections lifecycle: Manage every step of the collections journey across multiple currencies, including collect in real-time and collect on-behalf-of (COBO), both domestic and cross-border. Automate external API calls biller systems for bill/invoice/charge verification and validate against master data and business rules. Securely elevate scrutiny and offer workitems to humans to apply maker-checker-verifier based on rules.

- Split collections: Calculate percentage splits on incoming payment instructions and configure smart routing of funds to the right ultimate benficiries. and configure payment splits to various participants in a payment journey, including merchant/brand/dealer fees separately. Group similar payouts / payouts to the same beneficiaries for simplified accounting and reconciliation.

- Security: Robust measures in place to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. All APIs are secured with HTTPS, while all file bulk payment journeys are secured via managed file transfer.

- Integration: Easy integration with AR (Accounts Receivables) and AP (Accounts Payables) softwares such as Quickbooks, Zoho Books, etc.

- Reports: Access comprehensive MIS reports and dashboards that provide valuable insights into collections and customer reconciliation, empowering you to make informed decisions, run business as usual and optimize your financial strategies.

- Reconciliation: Streamline financial accuracy and efficiency with automated matching and verification of transactions, including two-way and three-way matches, empowering seamless auditing and reporting.

- Intelligent automation: OCR and NLP integration to extract metadata from payment instructions (such as invoices) and facilitate streamlined payouts.

With DataNimbus FinHub Collect, businesses can easily automate all the collections and reconciliation journeys, while complying with regulatory authorities to ensure the ultimate passing of funds happens in alignment with compliance rules.

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