DataNimbus Finhub Escrow Automation

Автор: DataNimbus Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Escrow automation: Offer trust as a service

DataNimbus FinHub is the most powerful and versatile escrow automation platform in the world, adopted by large financial institutions globally.

Increased fraud around commerce has led to an increased need for scrutiny and trust, globally. Regulators continually bring compliances rules to sageguard the interest of the business and taxpayers community. Escrows, and varieties around escrows, are the key to protecting the interests of lenders, buyers, sellers, investors, and taxpayers to ensure the correct usage of funds.

To take advantage of this macro opportunity, banks and financial instutions must invest in automating the growing number and growing complexity of escrow arrangements. From real-estate contracts to M&A, to project/infrastructure financing or even cross-border escrows, these high-value long-running contracts can get extremely complex to manage operationally and manually.

DataNimbus FinHub Escrow is the only escrow automation software that enables banks to offer Trust-as-a-Service in any geography. Deliver up to 47% increase in productivity for operational teams, while reducing risk significantly and unlocking your product and sales teams to monetize the opportunity around escrows.

With DataNimbus FinHub Escrow, we automate all kinds of escrow arrangements, including real-estate (RERA), FDI escrows, TRA (Trust-Retention-Account), Lender-Borrower, Purchase of Share Capital, M&A, Project Financing, Revenue/Profit Sharing, Rental Deposits and many more.


- One roof for all escrow deals: Manage the entire deal lifecycle, from creation to closure, including documentation and verification.

- Multi-party setup: Manage parties and its beneficiaries under a payment contract in order to govern party details using maker-checker workflows

- Split and percentage-driven payments: Split payments by percentage or fixed amount involving multiple participants, as part of a single instruction in the payment contract

- Scheduled payments: Ability to create and execute versatile payments instructions, configure retry mechanisms in case of non-availability of funds

- Budgets: Plan and create budgets for various purposes, control and enforce the budgets rules and timelines accurately to empower flexible configuration and budget audit

- Workflows and audits: Template-driven workflow orchestration: Ensure consistent scrutiny across all workflows and templatize based on business requirements (e.g. TRA, RERA, FDI, etc)

- Reporting & Reconciliation: Transparency and traceability, reliable and clear tracking of the payment contracts that allows user to get complete visibility on the transactions and audit trails across all activities that happen within the platform

- Waterfall: Ability to construct budgets/limits and apply a waterfall mechanism for more complex escrow arrangements

- Notifications & Alerts: Configure notifications based on transaction type and status, an empowered platform to send non-transactional notifications including emails with file attachments and the ability to choose which party or bank should receive notifications.

- Self-service customer portal: Ability for customers to view their dashboard, generate reports and perform transactions digitally

- Secure APIs: Robust measures in place to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. All APIs are secured with HTTPS, while all file bulk payment journeys are secured via managed file transfer.

Reduce risk, improve operational productivity and simplify every part of how you offer trust as a financial institution to your customers today.

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