CORIZANCE Connected Cyber Risk Management Application


CORIZANCE Cyber Risk Intelligence app helps in assessing organization's cyber risk exposures

Award winning intelligence platform for identifying, assessing and managing cyber risk exposures, related intelligence, actions and governance in one place.

Our solution has been independently assessed and awarded ‘Digital Security Innovator’ by

•British Standards Institute (BSI) &

•Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC, UK)

Key platform features:

Enterprise/Asset/Portfolio wide risk surface

•Holistic cyber risk domain assessment and management

•Custom & Best Practice (NIST Framework based) Cyber Risk/Control Framework Mapping

•Automated Risk Ranking and Remediation Prioritization

•Advanced Intelligence & Predictive analytics

•200+ built-in connectors and APIs for configuration based rapid integration

•Extendibility of the solution architecture for assessing interconnected risks towards Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

Key business benefits:

•Strategic & Integrated Cyber risk management capability using NIST Framework

•Integrated & Automated Questionnaires, Assessments, Monitoring and Controls Validation

•Single source of data for connected and predictive analysis

•Lower resources for conducting assessments and actions management

•Ability for assessing & managing connected risks

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