Connected Cyber Risk Intelligence Platform


Assess, quantify connected cyber risk exposures, & accelerate cyber resilience using NIST framework

Our award-winning, advanced, and low code Connected Cyber Risk Intelligence platform helps small to medium size organizations to identify, assess, quantify and reduce cyber and connected risk exposures using NIST best practice framework, achieve holistic cyber resilience and accelerated business protection.

  • Assess, quantify and reduce Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities across the asset and business landscape using the NIST Framework based risk taxonomy
  • Semi automatically assess, evaluate and quantify third parties and vendors for accelerated on-boarding
  • Connect, capture and analyze Cyber incidents, losses, trends, root causes and proactively minimize future disruptions/losses
  • Protect the business, revenue, and accelerate growth through holistic Cyber loss intelligence and actions

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Key Business Benefits

  • Effective regulatory compliance
  • >40% cyber risk exposure/impact/loss reduction
  • 40-50% cyber and connected risk management efficiency increase
  • Reduce >30% of compliance spend
  • 60-70% increase in operational efficiencies
  • Achieve >20% tangible RoI

Awards & Recognitions

  • Platform proposition has been independently assessed and awarded 'Digital Security Innovator' by British Standards Institute (BSI) & Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC, UK)
  • Additional innovation recognitions from major organizations including F10, R3, DIFC, Microsoft, Techstars, Barclays Eagle Labs, etc.

Why CORIZANCE? - Key platform features

  • Built-in NIST best practice framework based cyber risk, threats, hazards and controls taxonomy for effective and holistic cyber risk detection, analysis and prevention
  • Adoptable to support other (such as FAIR, GDPR, ISO27001, HIPAA, etc.) frameworks and taxonomy for holistic and integrated cyber risk quantification analysis
  • Enterprise/asset/portfolio-wide risk surface analysis
  • In-built Cyber risk Intelligence dashboards
  • Automated risk ranking and remediation management
  • A single and integrated source of data for connected cyber risk exposures and actions
  • Built-in 200+ connectors/APIs for rapid integration, advanced analytics, and predictive intelligence
  • Extend to leverage predictive analytics for proactive insights and decisions
  • Extendibility for real-time, continuous cyber risk monitoring, threat detection, analysis and prevention
  • Extendibility for assessing Connected risk exposures such as technology, business continuity, operational risks management priorities.
  • AI-Powered, low-code platform with extendable modular architecture

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