Experian Data Validation for Dynamics 365 CE

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Real-time global address, email and phone number validation within your CRM

Validate and enrich addresses, emails, and phone numbers globally in real-time within your CRM. Deepen customer insight and achieve trusted data for customers and leads from day 1.

How we help

Whether you’re on a journey to augmented data quality, master data management, or taking your first steps towards cleaner data, Experian’s data validation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE is easy to integrate, purpose built and automated. If you’re looking for a simple solution to verify and protect your data quality, we can help:
  • We help Data and CRM teams boost their credibility and protect their contact data integrity
  • We help Marketing teams reach and nurture customers, engage successfully with and better understand their base
  • We help IT teams improve business operations and increase the value of their systems
Want to know more? Take a look at our Product Sheet and Technical Docume ntation.

Solution capabilities

  • Capture address, email and phone data in just a few keystrokes
  • Standardize address records in line with official postal formats
  • Validate data using official postal sources, live mailbox ping and live number checks
  • Enrich data with a broad range of demographic, business, geolocation and other intelligence


  • Build better customer relationships, ensuring they receive marketing and service updates
  • Deepen customer understanding and enhance targeting with data enrichment
  • Deliver effective marketing campaigns, powered by accurate contact data
  • Reduce time spent manually correcting contact details in your system


  • Single solution - Choose address, email or phone validation or all three
  • Global data coverage - 245 countries for address, 220 for phone validations
  • Trusted data sources - Validate against official phone network and postal sources such as Royal Mail, USPS and Australia Post
  • Data appends – Enrich data with the full suite of Experian datasets, metadata and components
  • Latest technology - Created with Microsoft's Power Apps component framework (PCF)
  • Fast data capture – Autocomplete address search reduces data entry time by up to 80%
  • Live checks - Real-time check with email service providers, phone networks and postal sources to ensure existence and validity
  • Support - 24/7 support globally and integration assistance available if required
  • Flexible licensing - On a transactional or enterprise license basis (contact for quote)

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