Experian Open Data Platform

avtor: Experian LTD

Access Experian’s comprehensive consumer and business information through a series of RESTful APIS.

Experian's Open Data Platform (ODP) gives you instant access to a customer’s financial information using Experian's comprehensive set of consumer and business credit information in association with UK Open Banking. With this information, and the application of Experian’s advanced analytics and automated decisioning, you can easily create a picture of a customer’s financial well-being to deliver new products and services to them quickly and responsibly, building trust and loyalty, and creating competitive advantage


Key Features

  • API exchange for current account, credit card and savings account transaction data with all UK retail banks.
  • API connectivity to Experian’s consumer credit information 
  • API connectivity to Experian’s business credit information and management account data for small businesses 
  • Automated ID verification & authentication for an individual, their digital device and bank account
  • Automated categorisation of Open Banking data, including categorisation of consumer and business bank transactions and credit card data
  • Affordability and creditworthiness insight inc. affordability scores
  • Real-time data insights, triggers and alerts from financial data inc. income shock, liquidity, balance, spending behaviour
  • Advanced eligibility checks on customer suitability for products and services before they apply
  • Compliance and regulatory feature-set, including full audit and consent management for customer enquiry and dispute management
  • Payment initiation services

Provided in association with these components is a set of Platform Enablement Services that include:

  •  API Management
  • Sandbox & Live proving
  • Data storage
  • Information security
  • MI & Reporting
  • Alerts and Monitoring
  • Automated Billing
  • Customer query management and complaint handling

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