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​Displays density of distribution using bars along with actual values represented by points

Traditional histogram charts illustrate the density of distributed data, but normally do not showcase specific values. Histogram with Points by MAQ Software addresses this issue by combining a histogram chart with points that show the actual data for each range. ​Easily track where data clusters (points) across your data distribution (bars) to identify patterns, trends, and areas of opportunity.

Business Uses: 

  • Research - Find homogenized populations of customers

  • Marketing - Identify vital demographic clusters for promotional campaigns

  • Administration - Display employee salary distribution and salary variation for individual employees

​Key Features: 

  • Configurable points and histogram bars (show/hide them)

  • Configurable X-axis, Y-axis-right, or Y-axis-left (show/hide them)

  • Configurable gridlines (show/hide them)

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