Blue Medora Data Operations Monitoring

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Quickly troubleshoot query performance & fine-tune data operations within Azure Monitor BindPlane

Blue Medora’s monitoring-integration-as-a-service (MIaaS) BindPlane solution enables you to visualize, observe, and optimize data operations, not just monitor them. BindPlane translates and aggregates a wide range of metrics across clusters, nodes, spaces, tables and queries to provide a comprehensive, 360-degree view of database and caching performance. The dimensional data streamed from BindPlane to Azure Monitor yields valuable insights into your data operations that enable you to evaluate indexing, analyze and optimize query performance, balance workloads, and improve data throughput.

Bindplane collects and enhances deep metrics from a wide range of databases and streams insights to Azure Monitor for full-stack visibility within and outside of Azure. Blue Medora’s proprietary universal data language makes the valuable dimensional data stream accessible for advanced analytics, and includes dashboards and alerts.

BindPlane provides:

  1. Real-time metrics stream including deep visibility into instance, database, tablespace, and even query performance
  2. Proprietary universal data language that translates and integrates all metrics to eliminate metrics silos and enable faster troubleshooting
  3. Internal relationship links that provide better metrics for better decision-making
  4. Significant database maintenance savings through enhanced analysis via dimensional data
BindPlane supports:
  1. Microsoft SQL
  2. Oracle Database
  3. IBM DB2
  4. MySQL
  5. MariaDB
  6. PostgreSQL
Big Data
  1. MongoDB
  2. Cassandra
  3. Hadoop
  4. Couchbase
  1. Redis
Stream Processing
  1. Apache Kafka

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