Oracle Monitoring for Azure Monitor

avtor: Blue Medora

Don’t just monitor – observe and optimize your Oracle environment from within Azure Monitor.

Blue Medora’s monitoring-integration-as-a-service (MIaaS) BindPlane solution enables you to gain deeper insights into the performance and status of your Oracle database environment by harnessing the power of Azure Monitor.

Beyond simply monitoring, BindPlane and Azure Monitor offer seamless data integration so you can easily observe the inter-operational behavior of your Oracle resources through a single pane of glass. BindPlane collects and enhances deep metrics from across Oracle clusters, database instances, tables and queries and streams insights to Azure Monitor for full-stack visibility within and outside of Azure. Blue Medora’s proprietary technology makes the valuable dimensional data stream accessible for advanced analytics, and includes Azure portal dashboards and alerts.

BindPlane provides:
  1. Unified monitoring: React to issues faster and reduce operational friction by eliminating observability tool-sprawl
  2. Root-cause resolution: Relational visibility between dependent resources for faster root-cause analysis
  3. Continuous visibility with Azure Monitor into your Oracle database environment
  4. Continuous operational insights for right-sizing and performance optimization
  5. Deep visibility down to the query performance level

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