ProcMATE- Business Process Automation Simplified

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ProcMATE: Business Process Automation Simplified

ProcMATE: Process Automation Simplified ProcMATE: Process Automation Simplified

Empowers customer facing organizations with a BPM toolset that can be used to modernise and automate the customer acquisitions and service processes with a view of optimizing costs and improving efficiencies.

It automates business processes and use the underlying machine learning layer to continuously monitor the transactions thus helping the customer by providing real time eligibility of loans and credit approvals. A customer can be engaged using Chabot, SMS, twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc. ProcMATE can be further easily integrated with several other enterprise systems or CRM if required.

Typical modern industry challenges:

  • Conversion time adds to customer drop-offs
  • No real-time eligibility check leads to an experience which is not optimal
  • Mis-selling is prevalent due to non guided flows

ProcMATE : Process Automation Simplified brings the Organizations/sales team closure to Customers by automating customer centric business processes in a channel where your customers are present.

Prominent features

  • Multi-channel Customer centric Business Process Automation
    • Hybrid Conversational Engine
    • Edge Analytics
    • Congnitive Workflow
  • Digital Middleware for Enterprise
  • Guided flows leads to a better product-profile match
  • Enable customers to connect and engage across channels of choice improving stickiness

Benefits Delivered

  • Digital and Social channels lead to exponential reach
  • Companies optimize cost by automating the business process
  • Improvise on the efficiencies


  • Cost optimization
  • Conversion quality
  • Percentage opting for self-service mode

Value Proposition:

  • Automate Customer Acquisition Journey
    • Interactive Banner Ads
    • Lead Engagement & Classification
  • Automate Customer Service Journey
    • Feedback & Survey
    • Ticket Logging and Tracking
    • Customer Service

In nutshell ProcMATE: Process Automation Simplified promises

  • High Quality leads
  • More Conversions
  • More Sales
  • Faster processing time
  • Quicker Issue Resolution
  • Lesser Overall Cost

Use Cases Applicable For Any Domain

Lead Engagement

  • Connect
  • Assess
  • Process
  • Act
  • Handoff to CRM

Customer Onboarding

  • Start Conversation
  • Qualify Prospect’s eligibility
  • Data Collection
  • Document Collection
  • Handoff to CRM

Customer Servicing

  • Start Conversation
  • Ticket Logging
  • Automated Resolution
  • Real Time Update
  • Manual Handoff

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