iCIMS for Microsoft Teams

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Accelerate hiring decisions with iCIMS Talent Bot

iCIMS and Microsoft have teamed up to bring recruitment workflows from the iCIMS Talent Cloud into your hiring team’s everyday flow of work. ICIMS Talent Bot gives recruiters and hiring managers the ability to provide interview feedback during or after live video meetings, directly within Microsoft Teams. Interview feedback feeds directly into iCIMS Applicant Tracking, saving recruiters time spent collecting feedback, while enhancing the hiring team experience and enabling accelerated decision making. 

  • Enhance the hiring team experience: Bring recruitment workflows into the tool your hiring managers and recruiters already use every day.  
  • Make faster virtual hiring decisions: Capture interview feedback from your hiring team in their flow of work for improved response rates and faster decision making. 
  • Save recruiters’ time: Skip the extra follow-up meetings and manual tasks by automating interview feedback collection from your hiring managers. 


  • Live interview feedback: Create interview feedback forms in iCIMS Applicant Tracking and make them available in a heads-up display directly within Microsoft Teams as your managers are interviewing candidates. 

  • Post-interview feedback: Decrease the latency between the completion of an interview and feedback capture. Interviewers can submit post-interview feedback without ever logging into iCIMS through feedback cards made available in Microsoft Teams. 

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