iCIMS The Talent Cloud

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When the right talent joins the right team, your entire organization wins.

  • Best-in-class recruitment software: The iCIMS Talent Cloud has everything your organization needs to elevate your talent strategy and stay prepared for the future of work

  • Career sites: Present a top-notch employer brand, appeal to the right candidates, and match those candidates with roles and projects based on their skills and potential

  • Candidate relationship management: Streamline your entire approach to candidate engagement, build a robust talent pipeline, and reduce time-to-fill

  • Applicant tracking system: Find, manage, and hire candidates with advanced AI and analytics

  • Offer management: Simplify how you create and deliver offers with templates, a branded look and feel, and automation capabilities

  • Onboarding: Help new hires get up and running faster with new hire portals that make it easy to collect online forms and track progress

  • Text engagement: Connect with candidates and employees anywhere, anytime, via the messaging apps they use the most

  • Bring all your solutions together: With a robust marketplace full of hundreds of seamless integrations, iCIMS’ Talent Cloud is a powerful hub that connects all of your HR and recruitment solutions. From industry-specific solutions to seamless integrations with your existing tech stack, our Marketplace gives you the flexibility to simplify all of your recruitment workflows.

  • Shape the future of hiring with AI: Our unified recruitment platform features robust AI- and ML-driven solutions that can help you build a diverse, winning workforce.

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