Intellify's HR Analytics

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HR Analytics solution will help organizations to get birds eye view of Talent Acquisition & Training

Intellify’s HR analytics solution is a comprehensive analytics solution that empowers HR professionals with Data-Driven Intelligence to support Strategic Decision-Making.

Solution is quick to implement and can be customized to meet the unique needs of any organization. Whether you're looking to optimize your recruitment processes, improve employee retention, or enhance your training and development programs, the HR analytics solution provides the insights you need to achieve your HR goals.

Key highlights:
- Tracks 70+ industry-standard KPIs to provide valuable insights into HR practices
- 360-degree view of HR functions
- Quick to implement and can be customized
- Enables effective Talent Management, Monitoring Individual Performance, and Progress
- Insights on day-to-day HR Operations
- Identifies areas of improvement to optimize talent acquisition and retention
- Increases employee engagement by providing data-driven insights and strategies.

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