Lending Analytics

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Lending Analytics solution will help Credit Unions, Banks & NBFCs to make quicker decisions.

Intellify’s Lending Analytics solution drives Business Decisions based on the data and help you get insights for business-critical decisions helping CXOs, VPs and Product Owners.

Our ready-to-use solution comprises of 18+ persona specific dashboards tracking 100+ KPIs for 3 major processes- LOS, LMS and Delinquency.
Built by experienced team of Industry and Technology experts, Intellify’s Lending Analytics solution drives Business Decisions based on the data.

It helps to get insights for business-critical questions like:
  • Who is contributing to your leakages of sales funnel, and do you know why?
  • Do you know which customer segments to target? As customer acquisition costs are skyrocketing and you want to want to have tighter control over it.
  • Who wants more loans from your existing pool of customers?
  • What are the operational gaps and areas of improvements?
  • What is NPA percentage and how is it trending? Any co-relation between NPA and regions/branches/Loan issuing authorities?
  • Do you know which of your collection agent and strategy works best in collections?
and unravel many more such insights

## Intellify’s Lending Analytics Solution Highlights:
  • Tracks 100+ Industry standard KPIs
  • 1000+ Data points captured
  • Analytics for 3 business processes (Loan Origination, Loan Servicing, Delinquency Management)
  • 18+ Persona focused dashboards

## Unique Features of Lending Analytics Solution:
  • Get access to auto generated insights
  • Role based insights sharing
  • Dashboard subscriber groups for easy sharing
  • Embed live dashboards into presentations
  • Email alerts on breaching thresholds

## Intellify's Lending Analytics Suite covers below dashboards
  • Loan Origination
  • Loan Servicing
  • Collections/Delinquency Management

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