Sikur Connect

avtor: SIKUR

A method for securely connecting and managing IoT devices and networks

Sikur Connect solves some of the most critical issues in the IoT realm, delivering device authentication, authorization, and access control through simple and efficient mechanisms, ensuring privacy and protecting against the most common attacks. IoT devices in automotive industries, agriculture, mining, steel mills, power systems, health systems, and many more can eliminate security risks and comply with regulations.

MAIN FEATURES: Identity Management, Authentication, Zero Touch, Secure (Tunnel, Storage, Data Collection), Device Management, Auditing, and Compliance. 100% cloud solution, providing credential protection to avoid unauthorized sharing, secure and password-less authentication through the user's private/public key.

MS Azure cloud capabilities and availability support the product to deliver compliance and information privacy regulations, like GDPR in Europe. 

HOW WE MANAGE SECURITY? Market solutions rely on firewalls for border protection, which loses its effectiveness as time goes by. The username/password are fading out, and Sikur Connect ensures a proper and safe authentication process. Avoiding the default device password puts the solution in compliance with regulations to come while managing and controlling IoT devices without leaving breaches to the external attackers. Its secure tunneling technology makes device management safe at once.

IDENTITY SPOOFING: The attacker uses a false identity, communicating with the IoT device on behalf of a legitimate entity.

EAVESDROPPING: The interception of electronic communication, which happens because IoT devices often use public communication infrastructure.

DATA TAMPERING: The unauthorized alteration of data, which can occur in the IoT device or when it is exchanging data with the network.

AUTHORIZATION/ACCESS CONTROL: The attacker gains access to the device and then manipulates it or the network.

PRIVACY: The attacker uses private data hosted in the IoT device to explore them for unknown/unauthorized reasons.

INTEROPERABILITY AND GATEWAYS: As several IoT devices don’t communicate using TCP/IP, but other protocols, gateways, and other communication processes come to the network, and these are open-doors for attackers.

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